Measure your Content, Brand and Competition on AI-powered Searches

Our mission is to help marketing teams gain insight into AI-powered searches. Consider us your SEMrush/ahrefs for LLMs. We're here to provide insights into your brand and content.

With us, you can monitor prompts automatically, measure your brand mentions and Share of Voice and how visible you and your competitors are.

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Measure brand visibility with Otterly.AI

Otterly.AI is the new way in Content AI monitoring. Easily monitor your brand, competitors and keywords. And discover how visible you are.
Brand Rankings: Track you and any other brand

Easily see how many times you, your competitors and other brands have been mentioned on various prompts

Timeline & historical tracking

Monitor your brand mentions over time and learn how your content and marketing efforts drive brand visibility on Google Bard, Bing Chat or ChatGPT.

Similar prompts & keywords

Not sure what people are searching for on various AI engines. We give you similar prompts and keywords for current LLMs.

What customers think about


Monitor your rank in the leading AIs (LLMs) and build your future search volume.

"With Otterly.AI we get a first view on brand and content and how it appears on ChatGPT."


"Google search will look more like a AI chat interface. With Otterly.AI, we get insights into our AI brand ranking."


"Otterly.AI gives us a simple metric for our marketing and business leaders and answers a simple question: How visible are we on LLMs?"

Simple Pricing for all use cases

Each single prompt monitored monthly:

$19 / month

(You can add as many prompts as you need)

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Share of Voice KPI, AI Brand Ranking, weekly automated monitoring
Brand Mentions (over time), Similar Prompt monitoring and much more

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can purchase more prompts in the app.
You can delete your data whenever you want. We will keep your data for 30 days after you cancel your subscription.
Currently, we are searching for brand mentions every week with 20-50 prompt repetitions.
This feature is currently in beta phase. Please contact us if you are interested in this feature.

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Your way to content and brand monitoring for various AI-powered Search interfaces such as ChatGPT and Google SGE