Day: May 3, 2024

Content AI

How to Perform a Content Gap Analysis with ChatGPT – in 2 Minutes

So, ever wondered why your competitors are outshining you on Google? It’s probably all about the content game. Don’t sweat it though, I’ve got a nifty little exercise for you to bridge that gap. Let’s conduct a Content Gap analysis with ChatGPT! Here’s how it goes down: I’ll throw in a blog post on your […]

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AI Search Experiences

Can GPT-4 Browse The Internet?

Gartner is claiming that 50% of all organic searches will be gone by 2028.  Whether that will be correct or not remains to be seen. But let’s think this through. ChatGPT becomes a new AI-powered Search Experience. But right now, knowledge cutoff dates are a real deal. So GPTs don’t have real-time information (yet). Their […]

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