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We started Otterly.AI with the vision to help businesses monitor and improve their content & brand for LLMs and AI-powered Search Experiences. As we embarked on this journey, we received lots of positive early feedback and successfully launched Otterly.AI earlier in 2024.

Since then, more than 500 people from all over the world gave Otterly.AI a try, allowing them to monitor any prompt/keyword for GPT-4.0 as well as Google Gemini. Also, we onboarded our first paying customers and worked closely with them to even level up their SEO, content and overall marketing efforts to be better found.

But what we’ve also found are very clueless marketing teams. I’m sorry for being so direct. But yes, many of the marketing teams and overall businesses still struggle with this new world and the missing visibility.

  • Many have not started thinking at all about the impact of Google AI Overviews or ChatGPT
  • Many have no idea if their brand and content is visible on those LLMs and AI-powered search experiences
  • Many lack the resources (time) and expertise to start monitoring AND optimizing their content to be better found on those new platforms

Today, we are launching a brand-new service that can help you with that.


At Otterly.AI, we remain dedicated helping businesses monitor their content and brand on LLMs and AI-powered Search Experiences. And starting today, you can not only use our software (try it here), but you can also get help from our AIO experts to unlock your growth on various LLMs and AI-powered search experiences.

What you’ll get with our Growth Service:

  1. Keywords & Prompt Monitoring: We help you identify relevant keywords and prompts to unlock your visibility. We help you answer basic questions such as: Are you and your content visible on AI-powered Searches (such as ChatGPT, or Google AI Overview). We do that with the power of software tools as well as AIO expertise.
  2. Monthly Content & Brand Audit: We provide you with a monthly report on how visible you, your domain and your brand are on various LLMs. In addition, you will receive a list of optimization potentials from us.
  3. AI Content Optimisation: We optimize your visibility on Google AI Overviews and ChatGPT with the help of our year long AIO expertise.
  4. Disclaimer: We do not optimize the content on your own website, but we’ll provide you with recommendations on how to do that by yourself.

Get the Growth Services from Otterly.AI today:

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We’ll take over and be in touch shortly. If you have additional questions, you can also write us at or hit Robert, our co-founder on Linkedin.


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