Gartner is claiming that 50% of all organic searches will be gone by 2028.  Whether that will be correct or not remains to be seen. But let’s think this through.

ChatGPT becomes a new AI-powered Search Experience. But right now, knowledge cutoff dates are a real deal. So GPTs don’t have real-time information (yet). Their knowledge is based on “historical” web crawls. And LLMs aren’t always up-to-date. GPT-4 e.g. is operating on a database from April 2024.

Which brings me to the next question: Can GPT-4 browse the internet?

The answer: Yes.

But it’s in Beta. And it does not work always.

If you go to your ChatGPT Settings, you can activate this “browsing” capability as shown in the screenshot above.

With ChatGPT, you can now activate “browsing” which basically browses the internet for you. It’s labeled as beta and it doesn’t “work” for every single prompt. There are also various OpenAI forum discussions on the feature working or not.

Can other LLMs browse the internet?

Generally speaking, LLMs are trained on a large set of data from a web crawl among other sources.

They rely on the data on which they were last trained. Therefore, they don’t have real-time or the most up-to-date information by default. So the question is: Which LLMs and AI Search interfaces browse the internet?

ProviderModelAccess to internet
OpenAIGPT-4yes (for Plus & enterprise users)
AnthropicClaude 2no
MetaLlama 3no
Which LLMs can browse the internet

Here’s a tweet asking various LLMs about the Superbowl Halftime Score.



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