In the world of traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we could answer questions like:

Do we rank in the top 10 organic positions?
What keywords rank in the top 3 organic results?
How has our average position changed over time?

In a new world where AI-powered conversational search experiences rule, and we are not getting any data from those search engines (be it Google or ChatGPT/OpenAI), how can marketing teams answer these questions? How do we know how much to invest if we don’t even know if we are better off than our competition?

Option 1: Manual keyword & prompt research

You could manually copy and paste your keywords/prompts/questions into ChatGPT and see if your brand shows up, like we are doing below. It is a start!

Doing this manually – for lots of keywords and prompts sucks! It’s time consuming, and not accurate.

Option 2: Otterly.AI for automated prompt monitoring

That’s why we built Otterly.AI. As a way to give you an automated visibility into prompts, keywords and most important your brand’s visibility on various LLMs / AI-powered search interfaces. Here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: Sign up for Otterly.AI and enter your prompt / keyword

Step 2: Get an automated report

With Otterly.AI, you get an instant report within 1 or 2 minutes on your brand’s visibility for this particular prompt you just entered. See screenshot below.

The great thing. You can also see an AI ranking – filtered by Top 10 or all, as well as key brand metrics, such as Share of Voice. Otterly.AI also allows you to get an aggregated view/KPIs for both GPT-4 as well as Google Gemini. Alternatively you can also filter for just one LLM to see how visible your brand is.

AI Ranking and Brand KPIs for your prompt monitoring

Step 3: Make sure you monitor your prompts weekly

Last but not least. Manually – regularly checking your prompts and keyword is a hassle. With Otterly.AI you fully automate the process. Otterly.AI monitors every prompt once per week and tracks it’s changes.

Tool tip: Similar Prompts Monitoring!

You might know your keywords that you track on traditional SEO. And you might also have an idea of certain prompts that users might use on ChatGPT & Co. With our Similar Prompts feature, you get an idea of what other, similar prompts are relevant for you and your brand.

Yes, visibility is just the start, as marketers, tracking traffic and conversions is in our blood, but that is currently very hard / not possible. Knowing how many leads are coming in from ChatGPT or similar AI-powered answers is right at this moment not possible.

Now that you are tracking visibility both in traditional Search and AI-powered Search you can start to determine your market share in both, and see if you have higher market share in traditional search or AI-powered search.


Give Otterly.AI a free try today.

Otterly.AI is the new way in Share of Voice AI monitoring. Easily monitor your brand, competitors and keywords. And discover how visible your brand is. Sign up